NK Sport

Nordiska Kompaniet is one of the most well known department stores in Scandinavia, founded in 1902. Nordiska Kompaniet has initiated extensive renewal work aimed at strengthening its position as a world class department store. The task of bringing NK into a new era will take three years and comprises of 50 percent of the existing department store area.

An important part of this investment is NK’s investment in sports fashion, which will have a significantly larger area and make up 60 percent of the third floor.

Guise was contracted to be responsible for the fit-out of the new NK Sport. The design is site specific, in terms of the historic narrative as well as of the physical properties of the building. The site being situated between the original jugend building by Ferdinand Boberg and the brutalist addition from the fifties by Hans Asplund. Through a building renaturation strategy by Guise the brutalist buildings key feature were publicly revealed for the first time.

The main feature for the new NK Sport fit out is the bush hammered gypsum furniture, originally a brutalist invention that has been applied for this project. An intentional wink to the architect Hans Asplund that both coined the international term brutalism as well as being the designer of the fifties addition which the store is situated.

In addition to the gypsum objects, the store is also furnished with sharp aluminium tables, glossy hammer painted steel pipes, black pigmented glass and accents of soft coloured translucent silicone objects. Thus creating a feeling of having stepped into a spatial collage made of modernist utopias and bare mountain landscapes.