NK Sport

The retail apocalypse opens up for new visionary solutions, and Stockholm’s Nordiska Kompaniet has prided itself with a sense of what’s ahead since its inception in 1902. Rooted in its history while continuously embracing innovation, NK Sport falls in to this tradition while breaking new ground.

It has been a long way from the initial idea of showcasing products with a purpose and contextualizing sports as a cultural experience, to NK Sport’s finished physical scope of 1 600 m2. The main challange when creating a retail space in a time of unprecedented change, is that you need to question its existence in the first place. For NK Sport, that reason is to provide an engaging experience by supporting products and brands committed to the process of real change in which the exploitation of resources and respect for ecological constraints are all in balance. By placing innovation at the core, NK Sport shifts the whole dynamics of where to go to grow and sustain the traction for the future.

NK Sport’s locale design is site specific both regarding historic narrative and physical properties, the building being situated between the original jugend structure, and Swedish architect Hans Asplund’s brutalist addition from the 50’s. The latter now publicly revealed for the first time through Campus' renaturation strategy, complete with fixtures referencing its past.

The main design feature of NK Sport’s fit out is the bush hammered gypsum furniture, an intentional wink to Asplund, who coined the international architectural term New brutalism. The space is furnished with sharp aluminum tables, glossy hammer painted steel pipes, black pigmented glass, and accents of soft colored translucent silicone objects. A mélange creating a feeling of having stepped into a spatial collage of modernist utopias, and bare mountain landscapes.

It’s a stage fitting for brands from the entire spectrum of high-end athletic apparel and the ambition to bring importance back to spatial design.

Year 2019
Location Stockholm








NK Sport Plan layout